Our facilitation is about ensuring  the right conversations happen, the right voices are heard, and the right decisions are made – all driving toward action that produces the right outcomes.  We get results you could never achieve without us.

If you’ve got important issues to discuss, let’s talk.

The Process

Planning:  A d3 project begins well before the day of the meeting.  During planning, we partner with you to define and prioritize the goals we need to achieve.  Then we will design agendas and plans that drive to your results.

Delivery:  We make certain the conversations you need to have are the conversations that you do have.  During the session, you can expect us to expertly balance the people and the process.   One of the benefits of this is that you, as leader of the group, can fully participate in the conversation, not worry about managing it.

Our approach to facilitation is often described by clients as understated.  That means we aren’t about entertaining your group with our big personalities or our opinions.  Oh, we have fun while doing great work.  But our facilitation is focused on you and your group — not us.  We have the finesse and expert touch to guide your group without overtaking it.

Evaluation:  At the end of every project, we’ll ensure that the right issues have been discussed, the best decisions have been made, and the doing is underway.  After all, that’s d3:  discuss, decide, do.

The Fit

Our facilitation work is right for you if you’ve been thinking things like this…

  • We’ve been very successful.  Now what?
  • People around here need to be held accountable.
  • We need to have some very important conversations.  We need someone to help us do it right.
  • We’re working non-stop.  We don’t have time to stop and plan.
  • I don’t think we want to talk about that issue. It’s too sensitive.
  • We are capable of so much more than we are achieving now.
  • If only my people would stop causing me problems.

If your issues are something like those listed above, our work in facilitation can help.  Give us a shout and we’ll talk.

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