Jon has served a valuable role in helping our organization have productive and meaningful conversations that would have been difficult to facilitate on our own. He is masterful at asking important questions that get a group moving in the right direction. He is also insightful when he needs to help guide a group back when inevitably the journey takes a wrong turn!

Through my work with Jon, I am a more effective CEO both to the staff that I manage and to the Board whom I serve. I believe that Jon deserves a great deal of credit for the tremendous growth of my organization over the last five years.

Matthew D’Uva, President & CEO, Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals International

We benefited from Jon’s insights on best practice, bringing an outside voice to the conversation, keeping our members on topic and the association perspective that was needed in our strategic conversations. D3 brought the ideas and the voice of the association world to compliment the world our members work in. Critical. The impact for AHP was that we were able to accomplish our goals within a very short time frame and move our organization to the next level in order to stay relevant in the healthcare fundraising community.

Monika Schulz, COO, Association for Healthcare Philanthropy

Jon Hockman has an uncanny way of taking what seems like an insurmountable challenge and distilling it down to manageable, achievable goals. He brings a fresh perspective and an astute clarity that helps me – and my clients – navigate the twists and turns of today’s changing marketplace. Absolutely the most important business relationship I have established in the past decade.

Virginia Wood, Executive Director, New England Grows, Inc, and New England Nursery Association

Jon brings keen insight into how the values, personality and working style of a team can be melded to drive future growth and innovation.

Chris McEntee, Executive Director, American Geophysical Union

We have benefited from Jon’s “third party” perspective – especially when we are emotionally invested and/or closely tied to the topic so have more difficulty seeing it (topic) for what it is. In that same vein, Jon can say things to our group that I am thinking but can’t say. Our members respond well to Jon and his style. He seems to know when to push and when to pull.

Carolyn Jackson, Executive Director, American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences

Jon has provided the tools that I as CEO and the Executive Team have needed to develop aligned leadership and to harness diverse skills. He guides executive thinking and planning on strategic vision and execution, and successful board engagement. He is also a ready independent ear and adviser to me on a wide range of issues large and small.

Joan Parker, CEO, Counterpart International

Jon really helped me make the difficult transition from business owner to employee when I began my tenure in research at ASAE.  If it weren’t for Jon I don’t think I would have lasted a year.  In the seven years I was at ASAE I did the work in research for which I am most proud.  So, in a sense, Jon gets a lot of credit for the “Decision to..” research series in that he helped me to better understand how to work as part of a large team.

Monica Dignam, Association Researcher

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